Complete Video EEG Systems



The key to improve productivity of today’s healthcare providers is flexibility.   

Having a wide range of amplifiers, spanning from 25 to 256 channels, Brain Quick system family allows applications varying from clinical Video EEG to Polysomnography, from LTM - Long Term Monitoring of Epilepsy to High Density EEG.   

The advanced modular structure of SystemPlus Evolution software makes the system extremely open, flexible, and user friendly. Furthermore, the integration with Hospital Information System – HIS and innovative automatic archiving features guarantee quicker and mistake free processes.

Morpheus Home LTM



The hand-held 34 channel Morpheus recorder covers applications like Standard Polysomnography and EEG, Ambulatory Polysomnography and EEG, up to LTM - Long Term Monitoring of Epilepsy. The combination with Laptop PC, Bluetooth and Digital Video Camera allows the recording of synchronized Digital VideoEEG in a truly portable way.   


Now available as "Home LTM", Full HD 1080 Video synchronised to Morpheus Ambulatory EEG.

Portable Video EEG Systems



When moving is important for your daily work, then real portability becomes an essential feature of your EEG acquisition system. HANDYEEG is the only battery powered Video EEG system; it does not require connection to the mains and its small size and weight allow it to be carried in a standard laptop case.   

Running SystemPlus Evolution software, Handy EEG integrates, even wirelessly, with Hospital Network and Hospital Information System – HIS. Thanks to the high quality amplifiers and its open and modular architecture, HandyEEG can be adjusted to your actual requirements and used for many applications varying from clinical routine Video EEG to Intensive Care or Intra Operative Monitoring.


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