MECTA spECTrum Redefining Electroconvulsive Therapy

MECTA spECTrum 5000M
MECTA spECTrum 5000Q
Hand Held Stimulus Paddles


The spECTrum 5000 Q and M models are the forth generation of MECTA ECT devices. They continue to be the most advanced ECT devices technically, while continuing to offer even more safety and effectiveness clinically.


The 5000 Q and M model devices offer up to five channels of EEG and ECG monitoring, and one channel optical motion sensor.


The 5000Q model offers the user flexibility with four stimulus parameter knobs to control energy and charge. The 5000M offers simplicity, with one single stimulus intensity control. This varies frequency and duration simultaneously to control energy and charge.


Each spECTrum device is custom manufactured to user specifications according to the options selected and includes a complete starter kit.